Genealogical Work by W. Cumming

The work listed below falls into three main categories:
1) Private. I will consider sharing the information if you have a direct interest in my own family.
2) Freely available. Please only use it for private, non-profit research.
3) Available for purchase. PayPal only.

This book was printed in 2012. It contains my understanding of the family history of my wife and I at that time.
Inevitably new facts and old errors have since been discovered, but it now forms the basis for further research.
You can see the skeleton of the work here.
So that the privacy of living individuals is respected, I have not made it available for download.
Please contact me if you would like to see sections of it which are relevant to your own family.
Freely available
The 1941
Nicolson Institute
My grandmother saved this old annual for at least two reasons:

  - Her brother, Donald Roddy Macleod , was on the editorial committee (see page 3).
  - He was also the author of 'An Elegy', a tribute to his brother Norman, who drowned when the HMS Rawalpindi was sunk in 1939.
Available for purchase
The vast majority of the material contained within this work is courtesy of the grand-daughter of John Macleod of 11 Melbost.
She has preserved his writings over the decades. I am indebted to her for permitting me to make this information generally available.
Published: August 2018
Style: 40 pages, A4 booklet
UK Cost: £7 (including P&P).      Outside UK: £9 (including P&P)

If you are interested in purchasing more than one copy, please contact me so that we can discuss postage costs and a possible discount.

I am also selling this booklet on eBay, although at a higher price to cover their fees.
This booklet can also be purchased directly from Urras Eaglais na h-Aoidhe who are, I believe, selling it in Buth an Rubha, Point, Lewis.