Cumming & Browne Ancestors

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Anna (1911 - 2010), on the left, was my paternal grandmother. She is shown with two of her six siblings, Murdo & Mary.
Her family has been my main area of focus for some years, although the site describes what I've discovered of the ancestors of both my wife and I.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look around. Please get in touch for any reason, including:

  1) if you see an error, I'd be pleased to correct it.
  2) if you find a connection, it's always good to make contact.

Only the titles of my sources have been shown, mainly to stop easy harvesting of the data I've gathered. I'm more than happy to share with like-minded individuals.
Please be aware that it's quite a job to update this set of pages, and so I only tend to do it every couple of years, or if an important discovery has been made.

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