Genealogical Articles by A.P. MacLeod
1) Background Articles

a) Usage: the byname "Og"
        This article was published in West Highland Notes & Queries Series 4 No. 5 (November 2017), pages 19-24, but in an edited format. 
        This is the unedited article, as presented by the author.

b) Types of Error in Clan History and Genealogy
        For a rare but wryly amusing reason, this article was rejected for publication in West Highland Notes & Queries
        It is something of a work in progress but needed to be published so that it could be cited in "Bloody Bay and the MacLeods".
2) Foreground Articles

a) Bloody Bay and the MacLeods
        Like 1) b), this article is not as developed as the author would have liked, but it introduces the author's main revision to the genealogy of the MacLeods of Lewis
        and is needed to be published now in order to provide the genealogical background to the 2018 Colm Cille Lecture ("18, 19 or 21?  Speculations on the MacLeod
        Chiefs buried at Aoidh"), which the author is due to give to Urras Eaglais na h-Aoidhe (The Ui Church Trust) on Friday 2018.09.07.