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Family of Frederick James COX and Mary WEEKS

Husband: Frederick James COX (1847?-1918)
Wife: Mary WEEKS (1845- )
Children: George COX (1871?- )
Mary COX (1873?- )
Kate COX (1875?- )
Polly COX (1877?- )
Walter COX (1879?- )
Lily COX (1884?- )
Daisy COX (1887?- )
Marriage Q3 1870 Bath R.D.

Husband: Frederick James COX

Name: Frederick James COX
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1847 (cal) Twerton, Somerset, England
Death Q2 1918 (age 70-71) Bath R.D.

Wife: Mary WEEKS

Name: Mary WEEKS
Sex: Female
Father: Henry WEEKS (bap.1814, d.1889)
Mother: Ann HIBBERD (1810-1876)
Birth Q1 1845 Clutton R.D.

Child 1: George COX

Name: George COX
Sex: Male
Birth 1871 (cal) Bath, Somerset, England

Child 2: Mary COX

Name: Mary COX
Sex: Female
Birth 1873 (cal) Bath, Somerset, England

Child 3: Kate COX

Name: Kate COX
Sex: Female
Birth 1875 (cal) Bath, Somerset, England

Child 4: Polly COX

Name: Polly COX
Sex: Female
Birth 1877 (cal) Bath, Somerset, England

Child 5: Walter COX

Name: Walter COX
Sex: Male
Birth 1879 (cal) Bath, Somerset, England

Child 6: Lily COX

Name: Lily COX
Sex: Female
Birth 1884 (cal) Weston, Somerset, England

Child 7: Daisy COX

Name: Daisy COX
Sex: Female
Birth 1887 (cal) Weston, Somerset, England