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Family of James CUMMING and Jannet MUNRO

Husband: James CUMMING (bap.1752)
Wife: Jannet MUNRO (bap.1752)
Children: Barbara CUMMING (1776- )
Jane CUMMING (1779- )
James CUMMING (1782-1861)
Janet CUMMING (1786- )

Husband: James CUMMING

Name: James CUMMING
Sex: Male
Father: James CUMMING ( - )
Mother: Barbara MCNORTTERER ( - )
Birth Tullydivy, Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland
Baptism 9 Aug 1752 Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland

Wife: Jannet MUNRO

Name: Jannet MUNRO
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander MUNRO ( - )
Mother: Jannet STEWART ( - )
Birth Aitnach, Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland
Baptism 10 Dec 1752 Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland

Child 1: Barbara CUMMING

Name: Barbara CUMMING
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Nov 1776 Miltown, Moray, Scotland
Baptism 15 Nov 1776 (age 0) Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland

Child 2: Jane CUMMING

Name: Jane CUMMING
Sex: Female
Birth 14 Jan 1779 Miltown, Moray, Scotland
Baptism 16 Jan 1779 (age 0) Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland

Child 3: James CUMMING

Name: James CUMMING
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gordonetta Jane SUTOR (1798-1866)
Birth 23 May 1782
Baptism 25 May 1782 (age 0) Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland
GENERAL 20 Mar 1801 (age 18)
enlisted with His Majesty's 72nd Regiment of Foot
GENERAL btw Nov 1810 and Jun 1816 (age 28-34)
was resident variously in Mauritius (East Indies), Calcutta (India) and in Cape Town (South Africa) as part of the Cape Province Garrison.
GENERAL Aug 1820 (age 38)
was discharged from the Regiment as a result of a severe injury to the shoulder. This was received whilst on duty at the Cape of Good Hope and it hindered him from fulfilling the active duties of a soldier.
Physical Description about 41 years of age, five feet five inches in height, with fair hair, grey eyes, a fair complexion and by trade a labourer.
On being discharged
Military - Branch
Military - battalion
1st Battalion 72 Regiment of Foot
Highest rank achieved
Death 12 Mar 1861 (age 78) Burghead, Duffus, Moray, Scotland

Child 4: Janet CUMMING

Name: Janet CUMMING
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Jun 1786 Tullydivy, Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland
Baptism 4 Jun 1786 (age 0) Edinkillie, Moray, Scotland

Note on Husband: James CUMMING

Given that James's eldest son and daughter were James and Barbara respectively, it is believable that his own parents also had these names. The link is not proved, but is very likely. It could also follow that Jannet's mother was a Jane.

Note on Wife: Jannet MUNRO

Though no marriage has been found for James Cumming & Jannet Munro, the children's baptism records all indicate this to have occurred. Jannet Munro born to Alexander Munro is the only likely candidate. In turn, the dates of birth of her siblings point to a marriage just before 1747 - suggesting that Alexander Munro's marriage to Jannet Stewart is the appropriate record.