Family of George BICKFORD and Jane REDSTONE

Husband: George BICKFORD ( - )
Wife: Jane REDSTONE ( - )
Children: George BICKFORD (bap.1778, bur.1861)
Marriage 5 Dec 1777 Kingsteignton, Devon, England

Husband: George BICKFORD

Name: George BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: George BICKFORD

Name: George BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary CURRANT (bap.1782, d.1826)
Baptism 17 Jul 1778 Kingsteignton, Devon, England
Burial 3 Mar 1861 St Mawes, Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Section No.

Note on Husband: George BICKFORD (1)

George Bickford (not proven as 'this' George) was committed by Richard Inglett Fortescue esq Jun 16th 1783 On his own Confession with having stolen three Sheep the property of the late Revd Gilbert Yarde & a sheep the property of Nicholas Watts of the parish of Kingsteignton.


Devon Quarter Sessions - Midsummer 1783 [DRO - QS32/57]

Transcribed by Brian Brassett

Midsummer Sessions Bridewell Calendar July 16th 1783

Note on Husband: George BICKFORD (2)

Charles Saunders of Blacktorrington Labourer No49 - 1st June 15 George 3 - For stealing 2 Quarts of Oats val 1d, one Oak Plank val 6d, three faggotts of wood val 2d, Eighty lbs weight of Cloven Hay val 1s and one Scythe val 6d, the goods of George Bickford, esq,. 2nd Count for the goods of a person unknown. Traversed Midsummer 1775. Bill found Midsummer 1775. Tried Midsummer 1775 and found Guilty - to be Transported for Seven Years.


DRO QS10/1 Blacktorrington Hundred


INDICTABLE OFFENCES (c.1745 - c.1782)

Devon Quarter Sessions, DRO - Devon QS10/1

Transcribed by Brian Brassett


Devon Record Office [DRO] QS10/1 is a large leather bound ledger of the mid-18th century covering a period c.1745 to c.1782, and in which is recorded in Parish Hundreds indictable offences to be heard at the County of Devon Quarter Sessions. There are also a few recorded offences concerning malefactors from the counties of Cornwall; Dorset; and Somerset; with a quite separate list of entries covering the City of Exeter. The information is recorded in eleven columns; [i] number of indictment on the file [ii] numeric appearance of the malefactor in the Alphabet [Index] book; [iii] Names of the person[s] charged with the offence[s]; their occupation, and their reputed parish of residence at the time of the offence; [iv] the offence[s] committed; [v] when the bill of indictment was traversed; [vi] at what Sessions the Bill was found; [vii] when the indictment was tried or submitted; [viii] the verdict [if any]; [ix] the sentence passed; [x] fines or otherwise imposed upon submission; [xi] in what Sessions Bundle the Bill may be found.


The numeric appearance column [ii] of a malefactor in the 'alphabet index book' QS10/2 is not an entirely reliable aid. Many names are missing.