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Family of Donald CAMPBELL and Mary MACLEOD

Husband: Donald CAMPBELL ( - )
Wife: Mary MACLEOD (1876-1967)
Marriage 1 Dec 1905 Govan, Glasgow, Scotland

Husband: Donald CAMPBELL

Name: Donald CAMPBELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Ness, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Wife: Mary MACLEOD

Name: Mary MACLEOD
Sex: Female
Father: Hector MACLEOD (1838?-1913)
Mother: Catherine MACDONALD (1837?-1913)
Birth 26 Sep 1876 Upper Bayble, Point, Isle of Lewis, Scotland
a Residence - brought up as child
Death 24 Sep 1967 (age 90) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Note on Wife: Mary MACLEOD

no children