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Family of John Brice COATES and Winifred Hayes OWEN

Husband: John Brice COATES (1866?- )
Wife: Winifred Hayes OWEN (1879- )
Children: Eccles Owen COATES (1908?- )
Marriage 15 Jul 1903 Shankill, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland

Husband: John Brice COATES

Name: John Brice COATES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1866 (cal) County Down, Ireland

Wife: Winifred Hayes OWEN

Name: Winifred Hayes OWEN
Sex: Female
Father: William Hayes OWEN (1847?- )
Mother: Louisa Elizabeth MARSHALL (bap.1847)
Birth 29 May 1879 Holywood, County Down, Ireland

Child 1: Eccles Owen COATES

Name: Eccles Owen COATES
Sex: Male
Birth 1908 (cal) Belfast, Ireland