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Family of William ALLEN and Sarah PEAK

Husband: William ALLEN (bap.1774)
Wife: Sarah PEAK ( - )
Children: James ALLEN (1800-1847)
William Thaxter ALLEN (1802- )
Mary Ann ALLEN (b.1806, bur.1890)
George Thomas ALLEN (1808- )
Frederick ALLEN (1815- )
Sarah ALLEN (1823- )
Marriage 12 Jan 1795 St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Husband: William ALLEN

Name: William ALLEN
Sex: Male
Father: William ALLEN ( - )
Mother: Mary THAXTER ( - )
Baptism 12 Jan 1774 St Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Wife: Sarah PEAK

Name: Sarah PEAK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: James ALLEN

Name: James ALLEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth BARKER (1805?- )
Birth 14 May 1800
Baptism 20 May 1800 (age 0) St Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Death 27 Sep 1847 (age 47) St John the Sepulchre, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Burial 3 Oct 1847 St Margaret, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Child 2: William Thaxter ALLEN

Name: William Thaxter ALLEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah (1804?- )
Birth 26 Aug 1802
Baptism 5 Sep 1802 (age 0) St Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Child 3: Mary Ann ALLEN

Name: Mary Ann ALLEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Elijah WELLS (1805-1863)
Birth 19 Mar 1806
Baptism 23 Mar 1806 (age 0) St Augustine, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Occupation frm 1869 to 1883 (age 62-77) a dyer; East Dereham, Norfolk, England
Occupation 1871 (age 64-65) a dyer; East Dereham, Norfolk, England
Occupation 1881 (age 74-75) a dyer; East Dereham, Norfolk, England
Burial 18 Jun 1890 East Dereham, Norfolk, England
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Child 4: George Thomas ALLEN

Name: George Thomas ALLEN
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Sep 1808
Baptism 11 Sep 1808 (age 0) Colegate, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Child 5: Frederick ALLEN

Name: Frederick ALLEN
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Jul 1815
Baptism 23 Jul 1815 (age 0) St. Edmund, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Child 6: Sarah ALLEN

Name: Sarah ALLEN
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Sep 1823
Baptism 21 Sep 1823 (age 0) St Martin at Oak, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Note on Husband: William ALLEN

Weaving and dyeing cloth was the basis of the Norwich economy for more than 600 years.

Historians at the Carrow House Textile Study Centre provided us with a wealth of information about the dyes and weaving associated with Norwich over hundreds of years. Norwich Red is the name of a bright red dye which was developed early in the nineteenth century by Michael Stark. His dyeworks was situated by the river on Duke Street where the former electricity board offices now stand empty awaiting redevelopment by the Targetfollow group. Yarns and cloths were sent to Stark's dyeworks from all over the country to be dyed; he made a breakthrough not only in the brilliance of the colour but in dyeing silk warps and wool wefts to the same shade. It is hard today to imagine how busy (and filthy) the river must have been when the industry of both dyeing and weaving was at its height. A elderly visitor to the exhibition of Norwich Shawls at the Castle Museum in 1995 remembered that his mother told him that in Norwich the "river always ran red". [from]