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Family of Frank Sydney EDE and Alice Maud WAITE

Husband: Frank Sydney EDE (1900-1964)
Wife: Alice Maud WAITE (1904-1992)
Marriage Q2 1930 Lincoln R.D.

Husband: Frank Sydney EDE


Frank Sydney EDE, 1950, age 50

Name: Frank Sydney EDE
Sex: Male
Father: William EDE (1857?- )
Mother: Charlotte Ann SLEIGHT (1861?- )
Birth Q4 1900 Hendon R.D.
Death Q4 1964 (age 63-64) Lincoln R.D.

Wife: Alice Maud WAITE


Alice Maud WAITE, 1950, age 46


Alice Maud WAITE

Name: Alice Maud WAITE
Sex: Female
Father: John Thomas WAITE (1870-1957)
Mother: Alice MOORE (1873-1910)
Birth 20 Dec 1904 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Death Q3 1992 (age 87) Lincoln R.D.