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Family of John CAMPBELL and Henrietta CAMERON

Husband: John CAMPBELL (1780?-1872)
Wife: Henrietta CAMERON (1785?-1873)
Children: Catherine CAMPBELL (bap.1812)
Roderick CAMPBELL (bap.1816, d.1878)
Donald CAMPBELL (bap.1818)
Christie CAMPBELL (bap.1820)
Duncan CAMPBELL (bap.1826)
Alexander CAMPBELL (bap.1828)

Husband: John CAMPBELL

Sex: Male
Father: Angus CAMPBELL ( - )
Mother: Catherine MACKENZIE ( - )
Birth 1780 (cal)
Death Mar 1872 (age 91-92)

Wife: Henrietta CAMERON

Name: Henrietta CAMERON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1785 (cal)
Death Apr 1873 (age 87-88)

Child 1: Catherine CAMPBELL

Name: Catherine CAMPBELL
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: [unnamed person] ( - )
Spouse 2: William MACLEAN (bap.1808)
Baptism 1812 Leckmelm, Lochbroom, Ross-shire, Scotland

Child 2: Roderick CAMPBELL

Name: Roderick CAMPBELL
Sex: Male
Baptism 1816
Death Jan 1878

Child 3: Donald CAMPBELL

Name: Donald CAMPBELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sally CAMPBELL (bap.1826, d.1892)
Baptism 1818

Child 4: Christie CAMPBELL

Name: Christie CAMPBELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alexander MACDONALD ( - )
Baptism 1820

Child 5: Duncan CAMPBELL

Name: Duncan CAMPBELL
Sex: Male
Baptism 1826

Child 6: Alexander CAMPBELL

Name: Alexander CAMPBELL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret CAMPBELL (bap.1836)
Baptism 1828