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Family of George Gordon BICKFORD and Caroline HILL

Husband: George Gordon BICKFORD (1862-1938)
Wife: Caroline HILL (1866-1906)
Children: Lilian Gordon BICKFORD (1892-1964)
Gladys Winifred BICKFORD (1893-1987)
George Reginald BICKFORD (1896-1896)
William Howard BICKFORD (1901-1962)
Nancy Margaret BICKFORD (1904-1989)
Marriage 11 Jun 1889 South Shields, County Durham, England

Husband: George Gordon BICKFORD


George Gordon BICKFORD

Name: George Gordon BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Father: Nicholas William BICKFORD (bap.1835, d.1921)
Mother: Margaret Vine WATTS (1838-1930)
Birth Q2 1862 Falmouth R.D.
GENERAL frm 5 May 1876 to 4 May 1883 (age 13-21)
was apprenticed to his father during which he time he sailed to the East Indies on the 'Burdwan'
GENERAL frm 1882 to 1923 (age 19-61)
continued his love affair with the sea. He sailed on the 'Celin' from Falmouth with a cargo of wheat but they were run down off Start Point by a steamer. The crew were saved by climbing aloft and gaining the deck of the steamer by way of the topsail yards. The pilot Mr J. Collins and one seaman were drowned. In 1887 George passed his Masters Certificate in Plymouth. Between 1887 and 1892 he sailed on the 'Antares' to the East Indies, the 'Vasongada' to North America, Greenland, Iceland, Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Adriatic, on the 'Rugby' to Brazil, River Plate and other unidentified foreign ports, and also on the 'County of Edinburgh' to the East Indies by which time he had risen to the rank of First Mate.
From 1893 all ships that George served with were of the Chellew Line. He spent most of the following five years sailing to the Mediterranean on the 'Cornubia'. Between 1898 and 1903 he sailed with the 'Penwith' to unidentified foreign ports, the Mediterranean, and around the British coast. His wife, Caroline, sailed with him as Stewardess when he was the Master of the ‘Penwith’ in 1900.
From 1903 to 1908 he sailed to the Mediterranean on the 'Pendarves'. The five years following that he was on board the 'Penare' sailing to Brazil, River Plate, the Mediterranean, the Baltic and Norway. His son Howard was cabin boy and on his first voyage in 1912.
Between 1913 and 1918 George was on the 'Penmorvah' sailing to the Mediterranean, East Indies, United States and other foreign ports. During the war it is possible that he was carrying munitions from America to le Havre and he may have been involved on a submarine repair ship at Murdos.
From 1918 to 1923 he sailed the 'Pengreep' to the United States, Brazil, and the Mediterranean as well as coasting.
Death 22 Jul 1938 (age 76) Pensilva, Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Burial 26 Jul 1938 Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Wife: Caroline HILL

Name: Caroline HILL
Sex: Female
Father: William Charles HILL (bap.1838, d.bef1877)
Mother: Nancy Ould POLKINGHORNE (bap.1835, d.1907)
Birth 20 Jun 1866 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
GENERAL 1900 (age 33-34)
sailed on the 'Penwith' as Stewardess whilst her husband was Master of the vessel
Death 26 Jan 1906 (age 39) Roath Park, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Burial Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Child 1: Lilian Gordon BICKFORD

Name: Lilian Gordon BICKFORD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Reginald JACKSON (1891-1951)
Birth 11 Apr 1892 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
GENERAL 1906 (age 13-14)
found her mother dead in bed following a period of heart disease
Death Q3 1964 (age 72) Bridgend R.D.
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Child 2: Gladys Winifred BICKFORD

Name: Gladys Winifred BICKFORD
Sex: Female
Nickname: Winnie
Birth 16 Apr 1893 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Death Oct 1987 (age 94) Central Cleveland, England

Child 3: George Reginald BICKFORD

Name: George Reginald BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Jan 1896 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Death 19 Jan 1896 (age 0) Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Child 4: William Howard BICKFORD

Name: William Howard BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith E FORSHAW (1901-1987)
Birth 9 Mar 1901 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
GENERAL 1912 (age 10-11)
sailed as cabin boy on the 'Penare' with his father as Master of the vessel
Death Sep 1962 (age 61) Plymouth, Devon, England

Child 5: Nancy Margaret BICKFORD

Name: Nancy Margaret BICKFORD
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Nov 1904 Roath Park, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Death Apr 1989 (age 84) Newton Abbot, Teignbridge, Devon, England