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Family of Fred JACKSON and Louisa Emma RUSSELL

Husband: Fred JACKSON (1863-1929)
Wife: Louisa Emma RUSSELL (1863-1919)
Children: Mabel Emma JACKSON (1888- )
Sidney Russell JACKSON (1889- )
Arthur Reginald JACKSON (1891-1951)
Dorothy Barron JACKSON (1894-c. 1983)
Ida May JACKSON (1897- )
Noel Veasey JACKSON (1902-bef1911)
Roy Donald JACKSON (1904- )
Ewart Noel JACKSON (1908- )
Marriage Q3 1886 Lewisham, Kent, England

Husband: Fred JACKSON

Name: Fred JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: William JACKSON (bap.1830, d.1905)
Mother: Emma CANTWELL (bap.1829, d.1901)
Birth 10 Oct 1863 Witney, Oxfordshire, England
Baptism 8 Nov 1863 (age 0) Witney, Oxfordshire, England
Death Q3 1929 (age 65) Cardiff R.D.
Section No.

Wife: Louisa Emma RUSSELL

Name: Louisa Emma RUSSELL
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph RUSSELL (bap.1824, d.1907)
Mother: Emma WIGGINS (bap.1831, d.1920)
Birth 3 Oct 1863 Northfleet, Kent, England
Baptism Dec 1863 (age 0) Northfleet, Kent, England
Death Q2 1919 (age 55) Cardiff R.D.

Child 1: Mabel Emma JACKSON

Name: Mabel Emma JACKSON
Sex: Female
Birth Q4 1888 West Derby, Lancashire, England

Child 2: Sidney Russell JACKSON

Name: Sidney Russell JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1889 West Derby, Lancashire, England

Child 3: Arthur Reginald JACKSON

Name: Arthur Reginald JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lilian Gordon BICKFORD (1892-1964)
Birth 24 Oct 1891 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Death Q1 1951 (age 59) Cardiff R.D.
Section No.

Child 4: Dorothy Barron JACKSON

Name: Dorothy Barron JACKSON
Sex: Female
Birth Q3 1894 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Death c. 1983 (age 88-89)

Child 5: Ida May JACKSON

Name: Ida May JACKSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: LASSAM? ( - )
Birth Q2 1897 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Child 6: Noel Veasey JACKSON

Name: Noel Veasey JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth Q1 1902 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Death bef 1911 (age 8-9)

Child 7: Roy Donald JACKSON

Name: Roy Donald JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth Q3 1904 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales

Child 8: Ewart Noel JACKSON

Name: Ewart Noel JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth Q1 1908 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales
Published author 1942 (age 33-34) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
'Jack and Jill went up the wooden hill'
Published author
'For old times sake'