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Family of Arthur Reginald JACKSON and Lilian Gordon BICKFORD

Husband: Arthur Reginald JACKSON (1891-1951)
Wife: Lilian Gordon BICKFORD (1892-1964)
Children: Roy Bickford JACKSON (1917-2006)
Derek Gordon Bickford JACKSON (1918-2003)
Marriage Q4 1915 Cardiff R.D.

Husband: Arthur Reginald JACKSON

Name: Arthur Reginald JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: Fred JACKSON (1863-1929)
Mother: Louisa Emma RUSSELL (1863-1919)
Birth 24 Oct 1891 West Derby, Lancashire, England
Death Q1 1951 (age 59) Cardiff R.D.
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Wife: Lilian Gordon BICKFORD

Name: Lilian Gordon BICKFORD
Sex: Female
Father: George Gordon BICKFORD (1862-1938)
Mother: Caroline HILL (1866-1906)
Birth 11 Apr 1892 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
GENERAL 1906 (age 13-14)
found her mother dead in bed following a period of heart disease
Death Q3 1964 (age 72) Bridgend R.D.
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Child 1: Roy Bickford JACKSON

Name: Roy Bickford JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Mar 1917
Death 2006 (age 88-89)

Child 2: Derek Gordon Bickford JACKSON


Derek Gordon Bickford JACKSON


Derek Gordon Bickford JACKSON


Spouse: Margaret Elizabeth LYONS

Name: Derek Gordon Bickford JACKSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Elizabeth LYONS (1914-2003)
Birth 14 Jul 1918 Exeter, Devon, England
Military - Service No.
Military - Branch
Military - battalion
6th Airborne Division
Death 26 Nov 2003 (age 85) Bangor, County Down, Ireland
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