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Family of Harry ROGERS and Ann Maria HALLAM

Husband: Harry ROGERS (1866-1925)
Wife: Ann Maria HALLAM (1864-1944)
Children: Harry ROGERS (1891-c. 1919)
Florence Elizabeth ROGERS (1892-1933)
Herbert Sydney ROGERS (1895-1975)
Frederick James ROGERS (1896- )
Elsie ROGERS (1899-1986)
Marriage 4 Aug 1890 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Husband: Harry ROGERS

Name: Harry ROGERS
Sex: Male
Father: William ROGERS (bap.1830, d.1884)
Mother: Rosanna GRIFFITHS (1837?-1899)
Birth 1 Dec 1866 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Death 20 Dec 1925 (age 59) Sparkhill, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Wife: Ann Maria HALLAM


Ann Maria HALLAM

Name: Ann Maria HALLAM
Sex: Female
Father: John HALLAM (1844-1884)
Mother: Emma HAWKINS (1842-1918)
Birth 22 Jun 1864 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Death 27 Mar 1944 (age 79) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Child 1: Harry ROGERS

Name: Harry ROGERS
Sex: Male
Birth Q4 1891 Birmingham R.D.
Death c. 1919 (age 27-28)

Child 2: Florence Elizabeth ROGERS

Name: Florence Elizabeth ROGERS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert B LLOYD (1882?-1962)
Birth Q4 1892 Birmingham R.D.
Death Q1 1933 (age 40) Birmingham R.D.

Child 3: Herbert Sydney ROGERS


Herbert Sydney ROGERS

Name: Herbert Sydney ROGERS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Sarah J GREEN (1899-1969)
Birth Q2 1895 Birmingham R.D.
Death Q3 1975 (age 80) St Austell R.D.

Child 4: Frederick James ROGERS


Frederick James ROGERS, 1926, age 30

Name: Frederick James ROGERS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy May BALLARD (1898-1974)
Birth Q2 1896 Birmingham R.D.

Child 5: Elsie ROGERS


Elsie ROGERS, 1918, age 19


Elsie ROGERS, 1918, age 19


Spouse: Frank William ASHMAN

Name: Elsie ROGERS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frank William ASHMAN (1897-1991)
Birth 18 Dec 1899 Sparkbrook, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Death 21 Dec 1986 (age 87) Birmingham R.D.
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Note on Child 1: Harry ROGERS

He was a keen Christian man - mum thought the world of him and took his death very badly...worldwide flu....Nanna

Note on Child 2: Florence Elizabeth ROGERS

She died of cancer; she'd never been strong and had been advised not to marry because of it. Nanna remembered being walked past the hospital and was aware that people went in there but didn't come out again.