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Family of Henry BAXTER and Rebecca TAYLOR

Husband: Henry BAXTER (bap.1744, bur.1816)
Wife: Rebecca TAYLOR (b.1742?, bur.1832)
Children: Philip BAXTER (b.1773, bur.1853)
Hannah BAXTER (1777- )
Marriage 12 Oct 1772 Hardingham, Norfolk, England

Husband: Henry BAXTER

Name: Henry BAXTER
Sex: Male
Father: Robert BAXTER (b.1709?, bur.1785)
Mother: Hannah (bur.1785)
Baptism 14 May 1744 Wramplingham, Norfolk, England
Burial 26 Jan 1816 Hingham, Norfolk, England

Wife: Rebecca TAYLOR

Name: Rebecca TAYLOR
Sex: Female
Father: Benjamin TAYLOR (bur.1764)
Mother: Rebecca ADCOCK (b.1708?, bur.1795)
Birth 1742 (cal)
Baptism 1 Dec 1745 (age 2-3) Hingham, Norfolk, England
Burial 18 Nov 1832 Hingham, Norfolk, England

Child 1: Philip BAXTER

Name: Philip BAXTER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth SMITH (b.1780, bur.1849)
Birth 9 Aug 1773
Baptism 10 Aug 1773 (age 0) Hingham, Norfolk, England
Burial 19 Sep 1853 Hingham, Norfolk, England

Child 2: Hannah BAXTER

Name: Hannah BAXTER
Sex: Female
Birth 9 Aug 1777
Baptism 11 Aug 1777 (age 0) Hingham, Norfolk, England

Note on Wife: Rebecca TAYLOR

I am convinced that I have followed the correct line back as Rebecca was buried Nov 1832 and her g-granddaughter Rebecca had been born Mar1832.