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Family of Frederick ASHMAN and Mary HANNEY

Husband: Frederick ASHMAN (bap.1819, d.1897)
Wife: Mary HANNEY (bap.1815, d.1886)
Children: James ASHMAN (1840-1910)
Selina ASHMAN (bap.1842, d.1935)
Emma ASHMAN (bap.1845)
Edwin ASHMAN (bap.1847, d.1919)
Alfred John ASHMAN (1850-1933)
Frank ASHMAN (bap.1852, d.1935)
Elizabeth ASHMAN (bap.1855)
Hester ASHMAN (1857?- )
Marriage 17 Jun 1839 Weston, Somerset, England

Husband: Frederick ASHMAN

Name: Frederick ASHMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas ASHMAN (1797?- )
Mother: Elizabeth JOYCE (bap.1795)
Baptism 24 Oct 1819 Mells, Somerset, England
Death Q1 1897 Bath R.D.
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Wife: Mary HANNEY

Name: Mary HANNEY
Sex: Female
Father: Charles HANNEY (bap.1784, bur.1864)
Mother: Hannah BRANCH (1801?- )
Baptism 11 May 1815 Marksbury, Somerset, England
Death Q4 1886 Bath R.D.
Section No.

Child 1: James ASHMAN



Name: James ASHMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary MICKLEWRIGHT (1842-1909)
Birth 18 Nov 1840 Weston, Somerset, England
Baptism 13 Dec 1840 (age 0) Weston, Somerset, England
Death 30 Jul 1910 (age 69) Weston, Somerset, England
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Child 2: Selina ASHMAN

Name: Selina ASHMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: George WILLIAMS (1841?- )
Baptism 26 Aug 1842 Weston, Somerset, England
Death Q1 1935 Merthyr Tydfil R.D.

Child 3: Emma ASHMAN

Name: Emma ASHMAN
Sex: Female
Baptism 23 Nov 1845 Weston, Somerset, England

Child 4: Edwin ASHMAN

Name: Edwin ASHMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Esther WATTS (1841?-1903)
Spouse 2: Mary Jane DONALDSON (1865?- )
Baptism 26 Dec 1847 Weston, Somerset, England
Death Q3 1919 Bristol R.D.

Child 5: Alfred John ASHMAN


Alfred John ASHMAN

Name: Alfred John ASHMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth SHOEBROOK (1844?-1930)
Birth 27 Aug 1850 Weston, Somerset, England
Death 20 Dec 1933 (age 83) Bristol, Somerset, England

Child 6: Frank ASHMAN

Name: Frank ASHMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith BRAZINGTON (1849?-1916)
Baptism 8 Aug 1852 Weston, Somerset, England
Death Q3 1935 Bath R.D.

Child 7: Elizabeth ASHMAN

Name: Elizabeth ASHMAN
Sex: Female
Baptism 3 Jun 1855 Weston, Somerset, England

Child 8: Hester ASHMAN

Name: Hester ASHMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1857 (cal) Weston, Somerset, England