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Family of Henry BEVAN and Charlotte MICKLEWRIGHT

Husband: Henry BEVAN ( - )
Wife: Charlotte MICKLEWRIGHT (1856- )
Children: George Henry BEVAN (1877?- )
Charlotte Minnie BEVAN (1879?- )
Horace Ernest BEVAN (1880?- )
Henry T BEVAN (1886?- )
Daniel P BEVAN (1888?- )
Edgar A BEVAN (1890?- )
Marriage Q1 1876 Birmingham R.D.

Husband: Henry BEVAN

Name: Henry BEVAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Charlotte MICKLEWRIGHT

Name: Charlotte MICKLEWRIGHT
Sex: Female
Father: William MICKLEWRIGHT (1819-1885)
Mother: Mary WINDSOR (1821?- )
Birth 23 Feb 1856 Handsworth, Staffordshire, England

Child 1: George Henry BEVAN

Name: George Henry BEVAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1877 (cal) Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Child 2: Charlotte Minnie BEVAN

Name: Charlotte Minnie BEVAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1879 (cal) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Child 3: Horace Ernest BEVAN

Name: Horace Ernest BEVAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1880 (cal) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Child 4: Henry T BEVAN

Name: Henry T BEVAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1886 (cal) St Giles, London, England

Child 5: Daniel P BEVAN

Name: Daniel P BEVAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1888 (cal) Holborn, London, England

Child 6: Edgar A BEVAN

Name: Edgar A BEVAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1890 (cal) Holborn, London, England