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Family of Robert John MCILMOYLE and Matilda Louise HOPKINS

Husband: Robert John MCILMOYLE (1875-1965)
Wife: Matilda Louise HOPKINS (1880?- )
Children: Robert Lewis MCILMOYLE (1903?- )
Margretta Enid MCILMOYLE (1906?- )
Elvina Maude MCILMOYLE (1907?- )
Vincent Hopkins MCILMOYLE (1909?- )
Kathleen Elizabeth MCILMOYLE (1910?- )
Marriage 24 Jul 1901 Limavady, County Derry, Ireland

Husband: Robert John MCILMOYLE


Robert John MCILMOYLE, c. 1905, age 30

Name: Robert John MCILMOYLE
Sex: Male
Father: Robert MCILMOYLE (1837?-1928)
Mother: Margaret Jane CURRY (bap.1852, d.1947)
Birth 10 Apr 1875
Religion 1896 (age 20-21) -
he attended the first International Convention of Reformed Presbyterian Churches, held that year in Edinburgh.
Graduated BA BEng etc 1897 (age 21-22)
in agriculture (GAMC) from Magee College, Londonderry,
Ordained into ministry 6 Sep 1900 (age 25)
Ballyclare Reformed Presbyterian Church
Ordained into ministry 31 Aug 1904 (age 29)
the congregation of Dervock
Gift received 1912 (age 36-37)
a new rubber-tyred driving trap from the Dervock congregation. On previous occasions he had received a cow, a purse of sovereigns and a cheque.
GENERAL 1920 (age 44-45)
won first prize for the 'Border Leicester Sheep, Ram any age' category at the Coleraine Agricultural Show. This was just one of many such successes over the years.
Honours MBE OBE etc 31 Dec 1960 (age 85)
the MBE for services to agriculture
Death 18 May 1965 (age 90)

Wife: Matilda Louise HOPKINS

Name: Matilda Louise HOPKINS
Sex: Female
Father: David HOPKINS ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1880 (cal)

Child 1: Robert Lewis MCILMOYLE

Name: Robert Lewis MCILMOYLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1903 (cal) County Antrim, Ireland

Child 2: Margretta Enid MCILMOYLE

Name: Margretta Enid MCILMOYLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1906 (cal) County Antrim, Ireland

Child 3: Elvina Maude MCILMOYLE

Name: Elvina Maude MCILMOYLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1907 (cal) County Antrim, Ireland
GENERAL 1933 (age 25-26)
was the secretary for the Limavady branch of the Covenanter Young People's Union

Child 4: Vincent Hopkins MCILMOYLE

Name: Vincent Hopkins MCILMOYLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1909 (cal) County Antrim, Ireland

Child 5: Kathleen Elizabeth MCILMOYLE

Name: Kathleen Elizabeth MCILMOYLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1910 (cal) County Antrim, Ireland