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Family of William John BLAIR and Sara Moore MCILMOYLE

Husband: William John BLAIR ( - )
Wife: Sara Moore MCILMOYLE (1883?-1979?)
Marriage 4 Jul 1911 Limavady, County Derry, Ireland

Husband: William John BLAIR


William John BLAIR, c. 1923

Name: William John BLAIR
Sex: Male
Father: John BLAIR ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth MCCLOY (1853-1945)

Wife: Sara Moore MCILMOYLE


Sara Moore MCILMOYLE, c. 1923, age 40


Sara Moore MCILMOYLE, c. 1905, age 22

Name: Sara Moore MCILMOYLE
Sex: Female
Father: Robert MCILMOYLE (1837?-1928)
Mother: Margaret Jane CURRY (bap.1852, d.1947)
Birth 1883 (cal) Londonderry, County Derry, Ireland
Death 1979 (cal) (age 95-96)

Note on Marriage

My mum met both of them [Willie John and Sarah] and remembers being on the farm near Limavady and that they had a bull named Peter. Uncle Willie John was always trying to get my Papa (known as Jack in those days) to feed Peter but Peter would charge at him and Papa would be over the fence like a greyhound from a trap. Uncle Willie John would stand and laugh and Aunt Sarah would be telling him off for doing it.