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Family of Percy DRUST and Elsie Alice TRUE

Husband: Percy DRUST ( -1961)
Wife: Elsie Alice TRUE (1897?-1968)
Children: Charlotte P DRUST (1924- )
Marriage Q1 1919 Grimsby R.D.

Husband: Percy DRUST

Name: Percy DRUST
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death Q2 1961 Holderness R.D.

Wife: Elsie Alice TRUE

Name: Elsie Alice TRUE
Sex: Female
Father: Hezekiah TRUE (1865?-1929)
Mother: Charlotte MOORE (1866?-1956)
Birth 1897 (cal) Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England
Death Q2 1968 (age 70-71) Holderness R.D.

Child 1: Charlotte P DRUST

Name: Charlotte P DRUST
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frank ROLLINSON ( - )
Birth Q1 1924 Sculcoates R.D.