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Family of Herbert STEWART and Sarah Georgina SKELLY

Husband: Herbert STEWART (1880-1947)
Wife: Sarah Georgina SKELLY (1884-1975)
Children: Muriel Georgina STEWART (1915-2006)
Marriage 18 Sep 1908

Husband: Herbert STEWART



Name: Herbert STEWART
Sex: Male
Father: Kennedy STEWART (1847-1929)
Mother: Mary Gardner MARSHALL (1849-1936)
Birth 27 Apr 1880 Belfast, Ireland
Death 26 Jul 1947 (age 67) Bangor, County Down, Ireland
Burial Bangor, County Down, Ireland

Wife: Sarah Georgina SKELLY


Sarah Georgina SKELLY, 1908, age 24

Name: Sarah Georgina SKELLY
Sex: Female
Father: Isaac Samuel SKELLY (bap.1852, d.1916)
Mother: Martha REILLY (1846-1925)
Birth 27 Aug 1884 County Armagh, Ireland
Death 26 Jul 1975 (age 90)
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Child 1: Muriel Georgina STEWART


Muriel Georgina STEWART, c. 1935, age 20


Spouse: Ernest William BROWNE

Name: Muriel Georgina STEWART
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ernest William BROWNE (bap.1905, d.1990)
Birth 15 Aug 1915 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Death 11 Feb 2006 (age 90)
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