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Family of Samuel WELLS and Ellen DONOVAN

Husband: Samuel WELLS (1817-1875)
Wife: Ellen DONOVAN (1823?- )
Children: Mary Ann WELLS (1849?- )
Samuel WELLS (1851?- )
Ellen WELLS (1854?- )
Jeremiah Samuel WELLS (1858- )
Marriage Q2 1845 St Pancras R.D.

Husband: Samuel WELLS

Name: Samuel WELLS
Sex: Male
Father: James WELLS (bap.1777, d.1836)
Mother: Mary LEARNER (1779-1860)
Birth 25 Apr 1817
Baptism 27 Apr 1817 (age 0) East Dereham, Norfolk, England
Occupation 1841 (age 23-24) a bricklayer's labourer; East Dereham, Norfolk, England
Death Q1 1875 (age 57) Aston R.D.

Wife: Ellen DONOVAN

Name: Ellen DONOVAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1823 (cal) Ireland

Child 1: Mary Ann WELLS

Name: Mary Ann WELLS
Sex: Female
Birth 1849 (cal) Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Child 2: Samuel WELLS

Name: Samuel WELLS
Sex: Male
Birth 1851 (cal) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Child 3: Ellen WELLS

Name: Ellen WELLS
Sex: Female
Birth 1854 (cal) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

Child 4: Jeremiah Samuel WELLS

Name: Jeremiah Samuel WELLS
Sex: Male
Birth Q2 1858 Birmingham R.D.