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Family of Anthony EMMES and Sarah MILLATT

Husband: Anthony EMMES ( - )
Wife: Sarah MILLATT (bap.1691)
Children: Hamlet EMMES (bap.1721)
Anthony EMMES (bap.1724)
Sarah EMMES (bap.1726)
Mary EMMES (bap.1729)
Marriage 1710 Kirby Bedon, Norfolk, England

Husband: Anthony EMMES

Name: Anthony EMMES
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Sarah MILLATT

Name: Sarah MILLATT
Sex: Female
Father: Hamlet MILLATT (bur.1720)
Mother: Ann (bur.1738)
Baptism 31 Dec 1691 Bramerton, Norfolk, England

Child 1: Hamlet EMMES

Name: Hamlet EMMES
Sex: Male
Baptism 12 Oct 1721 Arminghall, Norfolk, England

Child 2: Anthony EMMES

Name: Anthony EMMES
Sex: Male
Baptism 16 Feb 1723/24 Arminghall, Norfolk, England

Child 3: Sarah EMMES

Name: Sarah EMMES
Sex: Female
Baptism 6 Nov 1726 Arminghall, Norfolk, England

Child 4: Mary EMMES

Name: Mary EMMES
Sex: Female
Baptism 13 Sep 1729 Arminghall, Norfolk, England