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Family of Cecil Norman BICKFORD and Bessie Maria FURZE

Husband: Cecil Norman BICKFORD (1872-1938)
Wife: Bessie Maria FURZE (1878-1971)
Children: Carlos BICKFORD (1907?- )
Marriage Q3 1902 Woolwich R.D.

Husband: Cecil Norman BICKFORD

Name: Cecil Norman BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Father: Nicholas William BICKFORD (bap.1835, d.1921)
Mother: Margaret Vine WATTS (1838-1930)
Birth 7 Nov 1872 St Mawes, Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Death 7 Apr 1938 (age 65) Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Wife: Bessie Maria FURZE

Name: Bessie Maria FURZE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 10 Jan 1878 Truro R.D.
Death Q1 1971 (age 92-93)

Child 1: Carlos BICKFORD

Name: Carlos BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Birth 1907 (cal) Plumstead, Kent, England