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Family of William JACKSON and Jane

Husband: William JACKSON (1852?- )
Wife: Jane (1850?- )
Children: Ada E JACKSON (1879?- )
William JACKSON (1880?- )
Albert JACKSON (1882?- )
Ellen JACKSON (1886?- )

Husband: William JACKSON

Name: William JACKSON
Sex: Male
Father: William JACKSON (bap.1830, d.1905)
Mother: Emma CANTWELL (bap.1829, d.1901)
Birth 1852 (cal) Witney, Oxfordshire, England

Wife: Jane

Name: Jane
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1850 (cal) Marden, Herefordshire, England

Child 1: Ada E JACKSON

Sex: Female
Birth 1879 (cal) Plumstead, Kent, England

Child 2: William JACKSON

Name: William JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1880 (cal) Plumstead, Kent, England

Child 3: Albert JACKSON

Name: Albert JACKSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1882 (cal) Plumstead, Kent, England

Child 4: Ellen JACKSON

Name: Ellen JACKSON
Sex: Female
Birth 1886 (cal) Plumstead, Kent, England