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Family of Nicholas William BICKFORD and Lucinda BLAMEY

Husband: Nicholas William BICKFORD (1871-1949)
Wife: Lucinda BLAMEY (1871?-1960)
Children: Doris BICKFORD (1895?- )
Lucy BICKFORD (1897?- )
Norman BICKFORD (1898?- )
Gordon BICKFORD (1901?- )
Frances BICKFORD (1905?- )
Margaret BICKFORD (1907?- )
Jack BICKFORD (1911?- )
Marriage Q3 1894 Penzance R.D.

Husband: Nicholas William BICKFORD

Name: Nicholas William BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Father: Nicholas William BICKFORD (bap.1835, d.1921)
Mother: Margaret Vine WATTS (1838-1930)
Birth Q3 1871 Falmouth, Cornwall, England
GENERAL 1910 (age 38-39)
reached the rank of Station Master in the Great Western Railway Company
Death 7 Oct 1949 (age 78) Penzance, Cornwall, England

Wife: Lucinda BLAMEY

Name: Lucinda BLAMEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1871 (cal) Pool, Cornwall, England
Death Q2 1960 (age 88-89) Penzance R.D.

Child 1: Doris BICKFORD

Name: Doris BICKFORD
Sex: Female
Birth 1895 (cal) Penzance, Cornwall, England

Child 2: Lucy BICKFORD

Sex: Female
Birth 1897 (cal) Penzance, Cornwall, England

Child 3: Norman BICKFORD

Name: Norman BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Birth 1898 (cal) Penzance, Cornwall, England

Child 4: Gordon BICKFORD

Name: Gordon BICKFORD
Sex: Male
Birth 1901 (cal) Penzance, Cornwall, England

Child 5: Frances BICKFORD

Name: Frances BICKFORD
Sex: Female
Birth 1905 (cal) Penzance, Cornwall, England

Child 6: Margaret BICKFORD

Name: Margaret BICKFORD
Sex: Female
Birth 1907 (cal)

Child 7: Jack BICKFORD

Sex: Male
Birth 1911 (cal) Pool, Cornwall, England