Hello there! My name is James and I am love playing Minecraft. This website is here to show you some of my projects and provide inspiration for yours. This site is split into several sctions. There are links and descriptions for each of them below.


FantasyCraft is a look at one of my projects in which I transform a normal Minecraft world into a universe with characters, settings and cultures.

MysteryCraft explains many Minecraft legends, whether I believe in them or not, and a general analysis of the many perplexing myths that are part of the game we enjoy so much.

TutorialCraft gives step-by-step instructions on finding ores, building castles, base defences and much more.

PreviewCraft reveals some of the upcoming features in future updates of Minecraft, and my views on how they will affect the game.

KnowledgeCraft contains all of my knowledge on creating and surviving in the game, including the blocks, mobs and biomes.

ChallengeCraft contains many things that you can try and do in Minecraft. Each challenge has three difficulty levels for three ability levels.

LOTRCraft shows me make a superflat world into Middle-Earth - the land in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit!