Herobrine is probably the most well known creepypasta, and was the first to be sighted - but is he real?


The following picture and image are an account and proof of the first sighting of Herobrine.


So, can we trust this supposed evidence of Herobrine's existence. The person who wrote this account was talking about the first creepypasta ever - which means he probably didn't get the idea from somebody else. Another factor is that the player claims more than one person had seen the player, but he doesn't give a name. As for Notch, this is possibly the most interesting part of the story, as he denies having a brother, but other sources suggest that Herobrine is his brother. Also, does the phrase "he is no longer with us" mean that the brother died, or just moved away from his family? The photo is almost certainly genuine, as the version in the corner backs up the player's story, as do the materials in his hotbar. A lot of people believe the chicken in the picture has something to do with it, and there is a distnct lack of other mobs, even for an Alpha version.

A lot of people since have sighted Herobrine since, or at least claimed to. Another fact is that in each update, the developers always put "removed Herobrine" in the feature list. 4J studios also claimed this, but on some loading screens, it says that they are "not so sure". Are they joking, or are they trying to hide the presence of a glitch which keeps cropping up? In another few sources (namely Twitter) Notch claimed to have a half-brother who he never visits - fishy?