Welcome to this page! In this section I will be showing you how I take a Minecraft world and develop it into a universe with different peoples and places. When I started my world, I knew it would be a long time before I finished.

I spawned at the border of a desert and a mesa, and began undertaking the first step in this world's long journey. I created beacons in key landmarks: a desert village, a savanna village, a desert well, a desert temple, an abandoned minecshaft, a shipwreck, and some ruins. I also created some beacons in between to mark the location of roads and help me fly my way around (I was in Creative mode.) I picked one of these landmarks at random to begin with - the desert well. Flying over to it, I inspected it for anything out of the ordinary, but it was just a normal well. Then the building began.

My original plan was to create numerous tents around the well as a trading outpost, but it only really ended up as a large, singular tent, with lots of crafting tables and villagers. I made a couple of improvements to the well too. The largest challenge was to match the sloping roof of the tent with the terrain around it. I also partitioned off sections inside the tent area to sell specific things like potions or tools.